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Corista’s DP3™ provides the essential functionality for today’s Pathology care.

DP3™: A Comprehensive Digital Pathology Platform

  • Manage patient cases and digital images from acquisition through archival
  • Connect Expert Centers to Remote Medical Centers for diagnostic support
  • Single screen access for physicians to all functionality
  • Security — protect patient information and provide comprehensive audit trails and reporting of case access and activity by user
  • Role-based authorization to system functions
  • Standardized reports for both internal systems and external referring physicians and patients
  • Highly scalable
  • DICOM and 21 CFR 11 compliant

Intuitive for Ease of Use by Physicians

  • Physician Dashboard for all cases into the Pathology Department
    • Active internal and external case listing for access by internal physicians
    • External Patient cases identified by remote medical center, referring physician, with requests or instructions noted
    • Filters to sort, read, assign and manage caseloads by defined groups or physicians
    • Easy sign-in and authentication for internal hospital cases
  • Patient-Centric Dashboard Facilitates Case Management
    • Comprehensive image navigation tools, including mouse, keys, touchscreen monitors, and game controllers
    • Annotations, measurements and search
    • Collaboration with internal physicians and colleagues
      • Instant message discussion queues with annotations and measurements within image noted
    • Notifications of new cases or colleague requests for collaboration, in system and email
    • Diagnose cases with unlimited text and diagnostic templates, for synoptic reporting
    • Flexible reporting for department or physicians, automatically capturing case data specified and generating the report for physician review before distribution

Immediate Responses

  • Browser-based platform connects physicians and Medical Centers around the world
  • Secure connectivity between Expert Centers and remote facilities
  • Ease of access to Expert Center securely connects remote requests for service
  • Remote physicians receive expert opinion reports in hours
  • Expert Centers have full access to the platform tools in evaluating remote cases, regardless of patient’s case location
  • Regional Pathology Groups with sub-specialty expertise can assign physicians to locations needing on-site support
    • Insure remote patient cases can be read by appropriate specialist, regardless of physician or patient case location
    • Eliminate complexities of scheduling physician’s site location


  • Browser based platform is compatible with 95% of browsers in use
  • Universal Viewer reads images from any WSI scanner or internet enabled microscope
  • Hardware neutrality provides flexibility to choose devices best suited for needs and the existing infrastructure
  • Supports High-Resolution displays, touch screens, and tablets
  • Platform connections to LIS, EHR, and HIS