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Meet Jerry Holcome

Jerry's physician recommended a PSA test during his annual physical. The PSA level was elevated and a biopsy of his prostate gland was taken. The biopsy was "atypical" with an abnormality, but couldn't be classified by the local pathologist. A 2nd opinion from an expert center was recommended. Using the Corista platform, the expert pathology center quickly determined that Jerry did not have cancer, but rather a benign process that often mimics cancer. Jerry breathed a sigh of relief while his doctors and consulting specialists were delighted with the collaborative results.

Frost & Sullivan Awards Corista the 2014 New Product Innovation Award in Digital Pathology. Watch the Video

Corista’s pathology platform, DP3™, eliminates the traditional barriers of time and distance, connecting remote patients, physicians and medical centers to Pathology Expert Centers in real time.

With Corista, patients no longer have to wait days for pathology slides to be couriered to a specialist. Corista’s networked solution enables high-resolution digital pathology images to be immediately available for experts to review, collaborate with colleagues, annotate, diagnose and report. Corista’s platform enables physicians to more effectively practice pathology in a digital environment. The result is better care for patients by reducing the long waits for expert reviews and improving the validity of the patients’ treatment plans.

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Corista’s Physician Dashboard is the nerve center for patient case workflow. From a single screen, physicians can see cases from anywhere in the world, including their own, the department’s cases, and incoming requests from remote locations. Doctors are better able to manage their workload, accept and transfer cases, review cases regardless of patient or case location, collaborate with internal colleagues, render diagnoses and report their findings on each case.

Corista’s portal removes the delays and frustrations of dealing with multiple hospital systems, while facilitating faster and more efficient patient care.

And Corista’s text-based archival and search functions aids physicians preparing for tumor boards, seminars and course work, or preparing for research. Search your image database to identify cases of interest to present for discussion.

Frost & Sullivan awards Corista  New Product Innovation Award Read the full report 

Corista’s pathology platform is designed to extend the use and application of existing hospital infrastructure investments. The platform imports digital pathology images from any Whole Slide Image scanner, integrating with hardware currently in place. Integration with remote medical centers insures an ease of access between facilities, using existing hardware without requiring significant new capital investments.

The platform is also engineered to interface with existing internal hospital systems, (i.e. LIS, EHR and HIS platforms). And Corista’s email integration provides physicians with instant notification of case assignments and colleague requests for collaborative insights.

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